About Giving To America

Giving To America is the theme of the Frank Lynch Foundation at www.franklynchfoundation.org .

In contrast to the biggest charitable foundations such as Bill Clinton’s, Bill Gates and Oprah’s, which send much of their money overseas, our Giving to America theme means exactly what it says:

Millions of people inside the richest country on earth, the USA, live desperate lives almost without any hope, mired down and drowning in ignorance and illness.

What kind of a mother would send her money and energy to foreigners when her ouwn children live in ignorance, starvation and illness without hope?

Our goal is to raise money, totally tax deductible, to stamp out poverty in America.

If you have ever donated to help animals, why not donate to lifting up American children?

Please visit www.franklynchfoundation.org to help abused American children and abused women, to lift up our fellow Americans from unspeakable poverty, rescue children from drugs and gang violence.


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